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Monitor over a TV

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Alright i'm not sure if i'll go with a tv in my basement or get a monitor.

I'm looking for
27" and up
4k (3840  × 2160)
Response time 1 to 5
refresh rate 120
HDR if that excist for monitors. 

Price: cheaper then a TV

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I might be looking at the 32 inch model with 2 hdmi output

but it will likely be connected in my receiver which means.... inifinite HDMI GALORE!!!

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The benefit of having multiple inputs rather than relying on a single input coming from an amp is you can tune separate profiles for each HDMI. As an examples, for most games you will want to enable some sort of digital or software based smoothing and you will more than likely want a more saturation heavy color profile. Having a monitor with at least dual inputs means you can set this profile for gaming, while leaving different profile for the 2nd input in a more color accurate fashion with less digital smoothing for media consumption or photography/videography work.

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