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Why do you love your X-Box? Because it ain't for the exclusives!

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So MS has a major problem with exclusives. Specifically that they have none worth giving a crap about or the few that have made it out are failing. Halo Wars bombed hard last year, Sea of Thieves fell to shit pretty quick after launch. As of 2018 Microsoft only have 8 exclusives for the year, 2 of which have been released, one in early access, and one (Crackdown 3) is dangerously close to missing it's launch window again. 

I love my Xbox One X, but outside of Forza I don't see any first party titles or exclusives making it worth the investment. So far I bought a $600 console to play Assassin's Creed and COD WW2 and a prettier resolution, something I could have just as easily done with my PC. 

Meanwhile I am drowning in more quality PS4 exclusives than I can play, like God of War, Horizon, Uncharted, Nioh, and soon Spider-Man, and they all make my PS4 Pro worth the purchase. Even every major Activision game has timed exclusivity to the PS4 now (Destiny 2, COD Blops 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc). 

At this point I think MS need to walk out at E3 and slap their dick on the table or else it's all over for them this generation. I'd love to see them announce Halo 6 and Gears of War 5... but they really need to do more.

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I agree with everything you say except for the PS exclusives. To me they have never really been a great draw for me? Now I loved the Uncharted series, and played up to the third installment, and for some reason I just never felt like buying the 4th one. God Of War, not my style of game, Horizon never drew me in to want to play, Nioh (WTF is that some Japanese Manga game?), and I've yet to play a great Spiderman game.

Exclusive content really doesn't bother me since I usually do not buy the ultimate collections of games.

And in the end Xbox just feels like home to me, the controller is more comfortable especially when you are suffering from early onset of osteoarthritis, I don't know? It just feels right, and it has plenty of games for me to play and enjoy without being exclusive.


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I hear you on the controller, especially as someone with arthritis. The Ps4 controller has that touch pad and built in speaker but the comfort and response of the XB1 controller just feels right. I can game for hours and hours with it whereas with the PS4 I need to take a break before long. If only Sony would adopt an offset thumb-stick configuration. 

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