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4K visual vs 60fps framerate

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So recently, I picked up Destiny 2 for PC on the cheap as a bunch of friends recently did the same, and there was one big difference I noticed: framerate.

Destiny 2 on PC runs at a flawless 60fps (30fps for cutscenes, but big deal). I cranked my video settings and even though it complained at me that I'd be pushing my video card a bit too far, it's run absolutely perfectly.

I was amazed at the difference the framerate made. It made me wonder why my PS4 Pro, which is more than powerful enough to to do that, didn't do that. Turns out that Destiny 2 PS4 Pro version, while displaying at 4K, is locked at 30fps. 

Things are slowly progressing to where 4K display with 60fps will be standard (and won't that be lovely), but until then, I've found there are very few games that will pull off both. 

So, my question is - given a choice between the two, which do you prefer - the 4K display, or the 60fps framerate?

I await your thoughts!


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I think i will go with the framerate since if the game doesn't feel smooth I couldn't care less for visuals. I think the best example for me is Zelda, the graphics aren't jaw-dropping but the game feels smooth all around for the most part.

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That's a really tough question to answer...


I think for me, 60FPS+ is king on PC. This helps tremendously for timing sensitive gaming and provides a smoother and fully experience. 60FPS+ tends to be more noticeable on PC due to how close you typically are to a PC monitor and because monitors are typically smaller than your average TV, you don't really see a huge bump in visuals between 4K and 1080P on the smaller scale. With that being said, I now game on my PS4 Pro on my newer 65" 4K HDR TV. I find a big difference in visual quality and lighting compared to my older 55" 1080p TV. 

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