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Fuck EA!

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I'm done, EA can go fuck themselves with a cattle prod. Bought Star Wars Battlefront 2 on PC at X-mas. The game was a mess, barely stable, and of course the whole loot box shenanigans. As is far too often the case with PC games, I gave EA several months to get their shit together and after the latest 12gb update the game has gone from "Barely playable and unstable as fuck" to "good fucking luck in getting this piece of shit to run under ANY circumstances". It's bad enough that the Origin client can't seem to scale for shit on a 4k display requiring me to literally stand inches from my TV just to be able to read/launch, but the game itself struggles to load, makes it as far as the menu and bombs out every single time on my i7-7700k @ 4.3ghz, 48gb ram, on a GTX 1080 ti, loading from an ssd. The game should be running at a buttery 60fps in 4k!!! 

I swear I shall never buy another EA game on PC again, likely not on console either. I don't care how good Anthem looks, it'll probably be a buggy and unplayable mess too. 

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I feel your pain or disappointment.

In today's age with Technology and games being released half done at full price is unacceptable. But this is the way EA and EA Sports are doing their games nowadays. I have the same issue with my NHL games. its been 5 years without any updates on gameplay, you can score the same way as of NHL 12 (yes similar plays might happen, but the goalie has no real logic on the way they behave). It bothers me a lot, and EA won't change their ways. I remember being invited to an event and then the release the game and it was worst then the version we'd played on. They brag compare to 2K sports when they release a hockey game they do it right... but they've never been so wrong. NHL 19 was firstly announced on twitter and I've never seen a game getting such a bad start with its fans.

No real change the the games graphics, gameplay.
Adds more HUT content (which is cyber hockey cards with expired players)
the game is running on an outdated engine compare to other sports game (for a third year)
goalies are were smarter in NHL 2004 and possible NHL 94

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