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How are things with you?

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Well, the hot weather has arrived like CRAZY and I'm sweating like I never did before at work but that's all good! The family is doing great the kids are all in daycare now so its super expensive but we are surviving! I didn't game this much as of late, but I got my friends coming over tomorrow actually to catch up and game. Life is beautiful can't really complain, my wife still loves me so that's a plus. 

My latest gaming purchase was a nintendo Switch Pro controller for $67.50 (+tax) via ebay, they usually got for $89.99 (+tax) . So I was pretty happy with this deal to be quite honest. Feels like an Xbox controller... except the A and the B are reversed.... What the Hell dude??? 


Oh I also got a second GameCube controller via my man @MajorProblems .


I think I will start recreating events here and there too!

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Been hot and dry, here as well. Probably the same as where you are since not that far from you. Been spending a lot of time in the back yard and new pool. And then playing The Crew 2 at nights before bed. The Crew 2 is the newest thing I've bought since Ghost Recon came out.

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Been crazy hot here as well.  Mid 30s and thankfully the 7 day forecast shows highs of just 30 by the end of the week!


I'm out watering the newly planted trees and shrubs daily to help them get through this period.  Once they are established it will be fine, but damn..


At least the AC is working and it's nice inside, so the weekends are spent in the morning working outside, then the afternoons in the house staying cool.



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