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IGN Editor caught for plagiarism

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The gaming site IGN is working to remove all of the posts written by former editor Filip Miucin, who was fired last week for plagiarism, after internet sleuths found that dozens of his articles and videos copied or rephrased from other websites without attribution.

“We’ve seen enough now, both from the thread and our own searches, that we’re taking down pretty much everything he did,” IGN reviews editor Dan Stapleton wrote on Twitter last night, referring to a thread on the gaming forum ResetEra cataloging the allegations. For days, people had pointed out more similarities between Miucin’s work and various other articles and message board posts.


source: https://kotaku.com/ign-pulls-ex-editors-posts-after-dozens-more-plagiarism-1828357792

I saw the video that Filip posted after getting caught for plagiarism. he only apologizes to IGN, DEAD Cells creators but not the author of the review itself.  That's kind of a swing and a miss


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I put significant money on the fact plagiarism is like an iceberg. I bet we see less than 5-10% of how much is really going on.

When I was doing the COG thing we had several instances of plagiarism, both with our writers and people ripping us off. When it was one of our own doing it they were immediately let go. Even if the site that was plagiarized wasn't aware they would be sent a note explaining what we'd found and the action we took. That was always received welcomely. Getting offending sites to remove content was much more difficult. 

it takes zero credentials to create a "reviews" site. We were proof of that (well me more so that @The Outcast...). Too often, actual journalism takes a back seat to revenue generation through clicks. Unless you're absolutely thorough with the content you create you'll get torn apart by today's gaming culture. You need to commit dozens and dozens of hours towards playing a review game. Not that IGN is a hobby-ist site but I'm sure the pressure of committing enough time to properly review a game would have many sites "looking" for material.

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