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BBQ Bacon

Roasted Garlic Rosemary Buns

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What's better than the smell of fresh bread?  Nothing I tell you.  Noth...oh wait.  Bacon is but other than that, nothing smells better than bread baking.


Roast up the garlic.



Chop up the fresh Rosemary and get it and the garlic into the flour.



Add the water and mix.




Cover and let it sit.




The next day, add more flour and form into a ball and let rest.






While it's proofing you realize that the process of kick starting the normal yeast was a mistake in a dough you let sit overnight.  It becomes a flat, goopy, sticky fucking mess!



So you salvage what you can from the parchment paper, add quick yeast and more flower then go on a profanity laden tirade while you fight with the dough sticking to your fingers like shit on a blanket.  There are not photographic evidence of this as my fingers were covered in sticky dough, small utensils and appliances so handling a phone would be impossible.  Suffice it to say, the dough, after more and more flour started resembling dough!

So into an oil bowl to rest.



The struggle was real, but I adapted and over came and decided on buns versus a loaf of bread.




Another rest and it was time for the oven.






Hot out of the oven, they were brushed with butter and look fantastic if I do say so myself!




Spread on some home made butter and these turned out pretty damn well!









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