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My biggest surprise of the Holidays: The SN30 Pro

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8BITDO SN30 Pro GamePad

When it comes to 3rd party controllers several years ago it used to be getting a controller at a cheaper price. Fast forward to today 3rd part peripherals are a lot more top quality than ever before. My latest gadget for the Nintendo Switch, which is also compatible with the following: Windows, Android, macOS, & Steam, feels great in the hands it feels like having a SNES controller but without losing any buttons or joysticks. The controller is a wireless bluetooth (4.0) and direct usb-c with a built-in lithium battery.


It took me a good 30 minute to pair the controller on my Nintendo Switch but that was self-inflicted by miss reading the first step. And I was able to play several hours on Super Smash with my in-laws and having a blast. It has a battery life of 18 hours with 1 to 2 hours charge as per the packaging, I can't confirm this but my battery hasn't let go yet.

The weight of the controller might be the most surprising thing about this gadget, its super light when compared to the Pro Controller from Nintendo, feels twice as light.

What's in the box:
Includes: SN30 Pro, USB-C cable, Instruction manual

Super light
Quality built
Motion controls
Rumble vibrations
Ultra-compatible  (Windows, Android, macOS, Steam & Nintendo Switch)
The price tag ($54.99) compared to ($89.99 for the Pro Controller)
Better D-Pad than the Pro Controller

 Can't Power on the Nintendo Switch with
Ergonomic (likely caused by its retro design)
no HD Rumble 

Pro Controller vs SN30 Pro
If you guys what to compare Nintendo vs 8bitdo controllers here are the biggest difference. The Pro controller obviously delivers a much more comfortable controller due to its modern design compared to the 8bitdo retro feeling. The Pro Controller gives you a longer battery which is twice as much as 40 hours compared to 18 hours. It also delivers the HD rumbles & the amiibo scanner that the SN 30 Pro doesn’t bring it to the table. With that being said the SN 30 Pro gives you a lot, it’s super light, compatible with 5 platforms, has vibrations and motion controller like most controllers it has all the buttons and joystick as the others as well. The D-Pad is even better than what the Pro Controller offers. During my gaming experience, I didn’t find 8bitdo controller uncomfortable but maybe I can see it getting a little less pleasant experience from the Nintendo’s, Sony and Xbox modern controllers.


This is a great controller if you wanna save money, have a retro feel experience and have the convenience of changing platform without the need of buying an extra controller.


2018-12-27 11.22.14.jpg

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