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The Best of CES 2019

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Hey guys the Consumer Electronics Show is underway in Las Vegas to show up the latest technology achievement coming in the next weeks, months and within the year. I'll be posting the latest more groundbreaking tech within the next week. I'm really looking forward to this event and we should all be amazed what can technology brings. My downfall of these events is that a lot of those gadgets will be trending but disappearing in the future. So I'll try to post the best new product.

In my personal opinion, I'm looking forward to what Hisense and TCL will bring to the table today. They are Chinese based company selling electronics like television with good to great quality to a fair price. 

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LG rollable OLED TV
First off is something that will be overpriced for nothing is the LG 65" rollable TV.

Now my take is when you have your screen rolled in, you have an ugly ass white box in your living room.... price on this Puppy is still up in the air.

Here comes another China TV maker trying to compete with Sony and Samsung for consumers that want something great at a fair price.

Not bad looking for an 8K television!

TCL also announced that all TCL 5- and 6-Series Roku TVs will receive automatic software updates including Roku OS 9 in the coming months, bringing Spotify support, “Free” Genre Voice Search and compatibility with Dolby Vision HDR on Xbox One X and One S consoles, allowing owners to enjoy the most powerful High Dynamic Range experience in market. 
source: https://www.tclusa.com/ces

Hisense (another Chinese Brand)

R8 series Roku TV:  The R8 series will have 64 zones of dimming on their 65-inch model, wide color gamut, 700 nits of brightness and Dolby Vision,  Shipping for the 55-inch size costs $600 and the 65 an aggressive $750 both in AMERICAN DOLLARS!!!! Sources say it'll be cheaper than the R6 Series, but nothing on the selves yet so so

H8F series Android TV: The H8F series includes everything that the R8 has implemented but with Android TV smart system. Google voice control is built-in the series will work with Amazon Alexa. It will launch in spring 2019 starting at $400 for the 50-inch and up to $750 for the 65-inch both in AMERICAN DOLLARS!!!!

H9F and U9F series Android TVs: Will be their high-end model from 55 to 65 for the H9F and 75" for the U9F at a retail price of 3499.99 USD.


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