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Initial Thoughts of Switch System

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So I have been quite vocal in my concerns with the Nintendo Switch.  From it's lack of processing power, it's 720p tablet screen, to even the battery being iffy.  But alas, EB Games had some great trade-in incentives and I was able to secure a Nintendo Switch for what amounted to $16.00 outta my pocket.  

I finally picked it up yesterday (well my wife did) and I managed to hook it up.  I thought I'd give a few impressions on what I thought of the hardware, menu system, etc.... This is not an impression on any games.


Ok, here we go:

  • I really was surprised with how truly small the tablet/processor is.  I saw the box my wife picked up and I was like "WTF, there is a $400 dollar console in that small box?".  LOL  Regardless, it's a lot smaller than I had anticipated.
  • The Joy-Cons are pretty good, either by themselves or clicked into the controller module or clicked into the Switch.  I thought they might feel too small or flimsy, but I was playing the futuristic racing game and found I was able to do all right when controlling things.  I will admit, I do like the 'click' noise when you put them in tablet. 
  • that brings me to the sound of the tablet itself.  Pretty damn good. Stereo separation and it gets pretty loud.  This was one area that really, really surprised me.  When playing in a room where you don't need headphones, it sounds great.
  • The menu system is snappy.  I guess this is in part to the fact that there are not many apps for it yet and that it's not having to do too much, if any, multi-tasking.  It's at a simple state right now, given the 'newness' of the Switch platform, but I was impressed with how navigating all the sub-menus was snappy and quick.
  • the current e-shop is bare, given that there are not a lot of games, but still, I like the design better than the old one and it load a hell of a lot quicker than the Wii-U, that is for sure.
  • Screen resolution is clean, and everything looks sharp.  I was happy to see the 720p look as good as it did.
  • It has a bit of weight to it (when playing portable) but it feels solid.  The fact that the analog stick placements are where they are, and the overall width, it play pretty good in portable mode, something I was not quite sure I'd be ok with given my experience with the PS Vita back in the day.
  • I like the fact that I have my own page that has all my friends, and some basic information for me to check out.  I can see this really evolving over time.


So, those are just a few quick impressions of the system itself.  I am sure as  get more time with it I will have more to say.  

I do admit, I am still concerned that in a year or two they will come out with a "pro" edition that has a true custom Tegra processor with the newer tech (current one is Maxwell based), and that the current stock Tegra X1 chip in the Switch might not last, but seeing what good programmers could do with the Wii U, I have a bit of hope for games as studios get used to the architecture and programming.  Still worried about the online plans, as there has been very little announced too.

I think this will be a good secondary system, especially for my kids.  I like the feel of it though, and am somewhat surprised by the quality of the build and some of the features.  


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On 3/25/2017 at 3:58 PM, Fifty said:

Kirby, now that you've caved ;) do you see the Switch as something that will replace the 3DS?

That's a hard question to answer Shad, but the games I have played to date, I have played in portable mode more than TV mode, and that kinda says something.


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