Neverwinter: Adventures of Rug Burn

Neverwinter: Adventures of Rug Burn

Neverwinter: Adventures of Rug Burn

So I decided to create a new character in Neverwinter. One that would grow up in the newly expanded world of the Undermountain expansion.

The first step was to delete an existing character to make room. I have purchased several character slots over the last couple years, but it becomes burdensome trying to keep them all going; so adding yet another slot seemed too much. So to make a slot available, I’d have to delete a character. Not wanting to lose any of the accumulated wealth on the character, I had to unload (sell) all the stuff I had. Then put the proceeds from those sales into the shared bank account. This I could then pass along to my new character. Once the character was stripped to his skivvies, all that was left was to perform the delete.

Neverwinter character creation screen.

Now with a clear character slot I could start a new character. One character I haven’t played overly often was the “Great Weapon” fighter. A character that wields a two handed sword with deadly efficiency. Since the Undermountain expansion was released last week, the great weapon fighter is now called a Barbarian. I’m planning this character to be a damage dealing fiend so I chose to go with a Half-Orc character. I get a race bonus for strength and dexterity, both of which help with dealing damage. To make this character even more imposing, I modified the characters appearance to make it as tall and as muscular as possible. A mountain of a man…er Half-Orc.

The last thing in the character creation process is coming up with a name. This I find to be the hardest thing to do. You want to come up with something catchy, funny, memorable and easy to type on an Xbox controller. I agonize over names to the point of being ridiculous. I started with the letter R and the first thing I saw in the word suggestions was Rug, so that triggered a slew of memories as a youngster growing up and roughhousing with my brother. Rug burns was a way of life and thus Rug Burn the Half-Orc Barbarian was born.

Follow along as Rug Burn adventures around Faerun. See how he fares with the foes he encounters, the riches he accumulates and his damage dealing exploits. I’m not saying my choices will be the best, but lessons will be learned and changes may be required.

Until next time, “Grrrrr grack tuck” or how ever Half-Orcs say goodbye!

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