Adventures of Rug Burn: The beginning!

Adventures of Rug Burn: The beginning!

Adventures of Rug Burn: The beginning!

The morning dawned cool. Colder than it should be for this time of year. Mind you being dunked into the sea as your ship is torn apart does not help. As I groggily climb to my feet I see a figure off in the distance. I muster the energy to start towards him.

“Hi my name is Wilfred. You look like shit!” I may be paraphrasing this as I’m still coughing up sea water and pulling seaweed out of my ears. I mumble something that sounds like words but I’m not completely sure it’s coherent!

“Were you on that ship that was attacked last night?” he asked. I nod my head and a small starfish slides out of my hair and lands at my feet. I stare at it as Wilfred asks what brought me to Neverwinter! I tell him to mind his own business and where can I go to get some ale!

“Travel north along the shore then take the path up the hill. Someone will be able to help you up there.”

As I walk away following his instructions I can’t help but think why he was out here all by himself. Was he there to loot the wreckage from the ship?

Regardless; as I stumble along the shore line I come upon a crate or two. Looking around, I rummage through and salvage a pair of boots, a shitty longsword and a moth eaten breast plate. Better then walking around in my skivvies and bare feet. I pull the breastplate over my head, stick my feet in sodden boots and grab the longsword. The path was not hard to find so up the hill I went. I can hear fighting in the distance and logic would dictate I go the other way, but I’m half orc. Logic and thought are not in my vocabulary.

At the top of the hill I come across a hastily fenced in camp. A large campfire beckons me with warmth and a chance to dry myself. A mysterious voice booms in my head…”Campfires are rest zones where out of combat players can heal up between battles.”

‘W.T.F’ was that I think as I look around for the owner of the voice. There is no one near. Thinking a blow to the head may be to blame, I move to the fire and sit down. I’m not sure if it’s the fire or the fact I’m sitting down, but I start to feel more human…er half orc. In fact I feel fantastic. Must be something in the blue color of the fire. I run over to a chap not far away and he tells me to head towards the keep and to help out anyone along the way that may need medical attention.

So I leave the camp and encounter skeletons. They are everywhere, only oddly enough, they just stand around ignoring me. I run to the first downed soldier and offer aid. Then onto the next and the next. Why are there so many wounded soldiers here when the skeletons seem to be ignoring us? I patch up the third soldier and see another camp in the distance. I sprint towards it. As I near the camp a voice rings in my head again “Press something and something to jump”. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to press, but there is a fallen log across the way, so I jump over it. It is almost like an out of body experience. Like someone else was controlling me!

I locate a stout dwarf and he asks if I would gather ammunition for the troops as I make my way to the castle. Sure why not. I again leave the safety of a camp and enter the battlefield. There are more skeletons that again seem to ignore me, but they are creeping me out so I decide to test the longsword. A few whacks here and a few whacks there and the skeletons are falling like wheat against a newly sharpened scythe. I locate several arrows and pull them from where they lay. Stuck in the ground, stuck in wood structures or stuck in people. I didn’t care, I just needed to grab a bunch for the camp I see off in the distance. Why do the camps always seem to be off in the distance?

When I get there there are several archers standing around like statues. I dump the arrows into their buckets and they instantly fire a volley into the air. No wonder there were so many arrows just laying around. These archers are not aiming at anything, they are just spraying and praying.

I talk to what I believe is the leader of the group and he asks me to hurry to the bridge to help out where I can. Only be careful of the undead as the will attack you.

As I work my way towards the castle bridge the undead do in fact attack. Using my new found skills I quickly dispatch any that get in my way. At the heavy gates I encounter Wilfred! How in the hell did he get here before me? I don’t really care, I grab his arm and we head into battle.

The adventure continues…

Rug Burn, Esq.

Adventurer and Skullcrusher

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