Adventures of Rug Burn: The Bridge

Adventures of Rug Burn: The Bridge

Adventures of Rug Burn: The Bridge

With Wilfred in hand, we rushed onto the bridge and the carnage that it contained. Catapults were dropping flaming piles of debris and undead were everywhere. We rushed down to assist the guards who were quickly cut down by undead archers and sword wielders.

Not being one to throw caution to the wind, I rushed in to help. Four feet of cold steel cut deep into bone and flung corpses around with every swipe. I was a Orc unhinged. If it moved I cut it down. If it got in my way it regretted it. At one point Wilfred had to yell at me to come back from the brink of insanity.

We slowly marched across the bridge taking on every undead skeleton or zombie we could find. As we neared the castle gate we encountered our first wight! I’m not sure what puss filled sore in hell this was spewed from but I didn’t care. I saw an obstacle and it had to be removed. I ran towards the target with death in my mind and a gleam in my eye. All of a sudden a burst of pain hit me square in the chest. The damn wight actually cast a spell at me? This elevated my rage and a might swing from my longsword sent it back to whatever gutter hole it came from.

As I continued my march to the castle gates Wilfred run past me yelling “Valindaraaaaaaa” The next thing I know is he’s floating in the air then flung hard against the bridge siding and lay motionless. I looked up at the pale figure floating before me and a shiver ran down my spine. With a laugh and a snap of her fingers she was gone and this hulk of a giant came lumbering towards me. I would later learn that it was a Harbinger that was advancing on me.

The thing appeared to have no skin and was all sinewy muscle. With a battle cry I rushed in. A large swipe from the mammoth arm sent me flying. As I struggled to sit up the Harbinger was leisurely walking towards me. Its loin cloth swinging in an unholy fashion. This scared me more than anything and motivated me to my feet quickly. I ran in swinging my sword with all my might. Each attack draining health from both the Harbinger and me. Remembering my spiritual and physical training, I set in motion my daily power. The spinning attack was both frightening and nauseating, but it was effective. The Harbinger was screaming and bleeding from every newly administered cut. I was getting dizzy, and frankly a little sick, but I couldn’t stop now.

With one final flurry of attacks, the lumbering Harbinger fell. I stood victorious, panting and covered in blood. The gore dripping from my face and the crazed look in my eyes was enough to make the guards back away. Remembering my fallen comrade Wilfred, I rushed to his side. He said a few final words then fell silent as death took him to his eternal slumber.

I thought I would be escorted into the castle with a hero’s welcome. But no, just a sergeant of the militia greeted me. Knox he said his name was and apparently the right hand man of Lord Neverember. He escorted me into the keep and offered me some clothing. Not much better then the rags I was currently wearing, but better than nothing. He then took me to his soapbox and offered me an upgrade on my longsword. Seeing as how my blade was rusty and slightly bent from my march across the bridge, I gladly accepted. He then had the audacity to offer me work if I was looking for it.

How about I explore this fine town and all its splendor first? Maybe a few mugs of ale and a nice wench to help me drink it! Reaching into my pockets, I pulled out a few silver pieces. This certainly won’t buy much ale and the quality of wench available at this price is probably not worth it. So I reluctantly took one of his assignments. Something to do with clearing out the Protector’s Enclave library.

I guess what better way to try out the new sword. It has less rust than the last one, so hopefully it is up to the challenge.

The adventure continues…

Rug Burn, Esq.

Adventurer and Skullcrusher

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