Adventures of Rug Burn: The Vaults

Adventures of Rug Burn: The Vaults

Adventures of Rug Burn: The Vaults

Talk about awe inspiring. Here I walk past the splendor of the dais that Lord Neverember is standing upon. Does he even look at me? Not a chance. He’s too self absorbed to notice one as lowly as me. To test my theory I flip him the bird as I walk by. Not a flinch from either him or his guards. I hear a gasp from the crowd but that’s about it. I smirk as I saunter past. No one challenges me as I push open the doors to the vaults and walk in. Shouldn’t there be more security here?

The vault is rather large and looks very much like a library but the entricities of nobility do not concern me. I approach a lonely guard and he asks if I’m the one Sergeant Knox sent to investigate the noise in the vaults. I nod my head and he lets me in. Not sure how the message I was coming beat me here but there you have it. I push open the gate and start my descent into the vaults. At the bottom of the stairs I hear a commotion and see 4 nashers standing above a fallen guard. I jump in and begin to battle. Large swaths of my long sword cut deep, but certainly not instant kills. I’m getting as good as I give, but after a few minutes I’m still standing looking down upon the fallen. The guard, Otis is his name, tells me he hears fighting in the vaults below then tells me of a secret button to open a hidden entrance.

Leaving the guard behind, I locate the button and a panel in the wall moves aside revealing a door. Sure enough, sounds of battle can be heard below. I run down the stairs eager to join the fight only to find Nashers fighting skeletons. The question that comes to mind is why are skeletons guarding the vaults? I shrug my shoulders to the unasked question and start my sword swinging. Before long I’m fighting both Nashers and Skeletons. The gleam in my eye brightens as the battle rages on. I’m in my element. I’m the bringer of death. When the battle is done, I’m bleeding from several spots and my health is down by fifty percent, but I’m ALIVE and the adrenaline is pumping. As I continue my hunt I feel my strength and energy returning.

I come upon a large chamber that has several skeletons milling about and see a fair damsel in distress standing upon a sarcophagus. A short battle ensues as I kill skeleton after skeleton. When the last echo of battle fades, the young damsel approaches me. “You are the one in my dreams. My name is Sybella and we will talk later. For now, continue as you are.” then she walks away! Bah, not even a little canoodling for rescuing her!

I continue through a side door and down another set of stairs and quickly dispatch a couple skeletons before coming upon a Campfire rest zone. Seems an odd place to have a roaring fire, but who am I to second guess the powers that be. The campfire is restoring my strength and health when I spot a zombie ambling towards me. I wait for it to get closer before leaping on it with a flurry of attacks. Bits of zombie flesh fly everywhere as the longsword did its work. Done, I head back to the campfire to recover before continuing.

Walking into the crown room I see a couple Nashers taking the crown through a portal. “You’re too late, the crown belongs to the Nashers!” one yells as she jumps through the portal. This seemed to have woken the guardian of the vault. A rather large imposing skeleton in full battle armour known as the Guardian of the Nine. As I prepare myself for battle the skeleton rushes at me with deceptive speed. I’m knocked back and a bit dazed. This elevates my rage and I too rush towards the skeleton. Back and forth we go. Each one losing health in the battle. Then out of nowhere a few smaller skeletons join the battle. If I’m to survive this, I must concentrate of the big guy. I activate a daily power that deals a heavy blow to the skeleton. It staggers back and I press the attack. Another devastating blow from nuts to head finishes the fight. Then a little mopping up to kill off the last few skeletons.

As I approach the empty stand a chest begins to glow to my right. I glance around the vault and seeing as no one is around I take a peek inside. Another glance reveals no one is around, so I take the contents and exit the vault through another side door that takes me right back to the entrance. Wouldn’t this have been a faster way to get to the crown room without all the preamble? Oh well, I feel stronger and my sword skills are improving, so I can’t complain too much.

I head back to Sergeant Knox with the news and he grants me a bunch of experience points then tells me it was Honour Reigh who took the crown and where I may find her. Following his instructions I come to a grate that heads down into the sewers. “Yeah this is just great” I mumble as I lift the grate and climb down.

The adventure continues…

Rug Burn, Esq.

Adventurer and Skullcrusher

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