About GameCanadian.ca

It all started in 2017 when 4 guys (Kirby, Shad, Sam & Luc) from across the great white north decide it was a great idea to start a website for gamers that were mature or not really. On February of 2017 GamerDads.ca started and lasted for about a year. We also have @iambacon under our team with his recipe post and we got to see the development of his beautiful home in the Rockies. Dean is the Bacon god.

What happened in that year?

Well, the core of 10 guys were pretty active but we thought that our community name was a barrier to women or guys that didn’t have kids. So in January of 2018, we moved under the GameCanadian.ca brand and since then we haven’t looked back since. We also added Steve in our crew to help us in our coding section of the website.

2019 Brought a new platform.

We were always forums based website in the previous years and underneath different brands. Running under Invision Power was great but came at a big cost for the number of members we had. After talks within the group, we decide to get a more economical way of continuing building our community. WordPress is an open source content management system with many possibilities and we look forward to giving you the best content within this software.

What is our goal?

We hope to create a better community experience by creating friendship across the country. We believe in supporting each other by participating via multiple social media channels.

We plan in the near future to create in-person events across the country. Currently, we have a bigger audience located close in Eastern Ontario and in the Western provinces (British Columbia & Alberta).

We plan on creating online events in the summer of 2019, playing on the variety of console and types of games. Together we can all laugh at the lack of skills that @wolfe has. At the end it doesn’t matter the score or the outcome as long as we had a unique gaming experience to talk about.

Our Staff

Owner: Luc Wolfe as wolfe (real original username)

Co-owner and the bank: Sam Koski as creeping_judas

Co-owner & the skilled gamer: Shad Forsyth as Fiftyspeed

Co-owner & Xbox Guru: Kirby Yablonski as The_Outlast

Co-owner and webmaster: Steve as X-Warlock

Writer: Dean Bloodworth as IamBacon